Tony and Susan Austin Wright 有声读物

Tony and Susan Austin Wright 有声读物

Tony and Susan Austin Wright 有声读物免费

THE BOOK THAT INSPIRED TOM FORD'S NEW FILM, NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, STARRING JAKE GYLLENHAAL AND AMY ADAMS "A SUPERB AND THRILLING NOVEL. . . EXTRAORDINARY. " -- Ian McEwan "COMPELLING. . . MESMERIZING. . . ABSOLUTELY IRRESISTIBLE. "--New York Times"A PERFECT LITERARY PUZZLE, AN IRRESISTIBLE TALE ABOUT MARRIAGE AND MURDER, BOTH THRILLING AND MOVING. "--Scott Turow "A PAGE-TURNER OF A LITERARY THRILLER. "--Sara Waters "BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, PERFECTLY PACED, IMPRESSIVELY CLEVER, AND ULTIMATELY SHOCKING IN A WAY YOU NEVER SEE COMING. "--Nelson DeMille "ABSOLUTE TERRIFYING, BEAUTIFUL, AND APPALLING. PARTS OF IT SHOCKED ME, AND I AM NOT EASILY SHOCKED. "--Ruth Rendell Fifteen years ago, Susan Morrow left her first husband, Edward Sheffield, an unpublished writer. Now, she's enduring middle class suburbia as a doctor's wife, when out of the blue she receives a package containing the manuscript of her ex-husband's first novel. He writes asking her to read the book, she was always his best critic, he says. As Susan reads, she is drawn into the fictional life of Tony Hastings, a math professor driving his family to their summer house in Maine. And as we read with her, we too become lost in Sheffield's thriller. As the Hastings' ordinary, civilized lives are disastrously, violently sent off course, Susan is plunged back into the past, forced to confront the darkness that inhabits her, and driven to name the fear that gnaws at her future and will change her life. TONY AND SUSAN is a dazzling, eerie, riveting novel about fear and regret, blood and revenge, marriage and creativity. It is simply one of a kind.


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  • 作者:
  • 发行人: Grand Central Publishing; Mti
  • 发布日期:
  • 覆盖: (英语)
  • 语言: 英语
  • ISBN-10: 1478970634
  • ISBN-13: 9781478970637
  • 外型尺寸: 20.3 x 2.2 x 13.2 cm
  • 重量:
  • 精装:
  • 系列:
  • 年级:
  • 年龄:
  • 作者:
  • 价钱: ¥93.00


Tony and Susan




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