Poetic Fragments Karoline Von Gunderrode 有声读物

Poetic Fragments Karoline Von Gunderrode 有声读物

Poetic Fragments Karoline Von Gunderrode 有声读物免费

The second collection of writings by the German poet, dramatist, and philosopher Karoline von Gunderrode (1780 1806), Poetic Fragments was published in 1805 under the pseudonym Tian. Gunderrode s work is an unmined source of insight into German Romanticism and Idealism, as well as into the reception of Indian, Persian, and Islamic thought in Europe. Anna C. Ezekiel s introductions highlight the philosophical significance of the texts, demonstrating their radical and original consideration of the nature of the universe, death, religion, power, and gender roles. The dramas Hildgund and Muhammad, the Prophet of Mecca are two of Gunderrode s most important works for her accounts of agency, recognition, and the status of women. The three poems included in the collection, Piedro, The Pilgrims, and The Kiss in the Dream, represent the wide range of forms in which Gunderrode wrote. They reflect themes of erotic longing and union with the divine, and point to her radical reimagining of death. This bilingual English-German edition is the first volume of Gunderrode s work to appear in English, and will help unearth this rich, complex, and innovative writer for English readers. ".


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  • 发行人: State University of New York Press
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  • 覆盖: (英语)
  • 语言: 英语
  • ISBN-10: 1438461976
  • ISBN-13: 9781438461977
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Poetic Fragments



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