Bedfellows Bob Garfield 有声读物

Bedfellows Bob Garfield 有声读物

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When a scandal cost him his high-paying job on Madison Avenue, ad man Jack Schiavone thought he could start over as a mattress discounter in beachfront Brooklyn. But his dream of a nice, quiet new life running a mattress store is about to get whacked. There s a mob war brewing, and Mr. Mattress quickly finds himself in the middle of it. The bad economy is killing the rackets, the Russians want a piece of what s left, and the local don s gorgeous black-sheep daughter, a straight-arrow legal aid attorney, is making Jack think seriously about settling down and joining the Family. With unforgettable characters a slightly demented sandwich shop owner, a jealous lounge singer, and the world s worst hit man (a. k. a. the Chiropractor ) this comedic crime thriller gives a whole new meaning to the term going to the mattresses. ".


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